Summer 2021

We are moving forward with improvements around the farm. In preparation of pouring concrete in our flower shed, ie converted horse barn, we had much to do. First clearing it out, and purging the unnecessary. The workhorse, my husband, leveled the floor, this was no easy task in 95 degree temps. Next came removing the old wood and insulation, revealing the cache of black walnuts from red squirrels. Thankfully squirrels no longer occupy our shed!! Delay on the concrete, Rain all day, tomorrow?

Spring 2021

Spring is Here! Let the beauty begin!!

Hope you all are enjoying your spring so far, the warmer weather is a real boost and the more sunshine the better, I say!

So much happening at the farm! Like everyone, spring is busy with

'so much to do, so little time' as the saying goes!

We are now halfway through our spring share, bringing a delightful variety of specialty tulips to all you flower lovers!

Planting planting planting! Dates for the summer share have not yet been set, we will post that information on the CSA page soon.

Planning and expanding are in progress, so exciting! Next year we plan on offering a peony share in June (2022)

Also we will be expanding our specialty tulip and unique Daffodil varieties for spring 2022.

Fall-Winter Updates

Fall is a beautiful time of the year and this year was no exception. We welcomed the colorful leaves, walks in the woods and the fresh country air. Fall also brings a very busy time for us here. Our clean-up, getting all things wrapped up for winter and digging Dahlias which can be a cold muddy job!

We find ourselves still coping with the complications from COVID-19, many have been ill or suffered the loss of loved ones, our hearts go out to you and your families. Regrouping became necessary to find joys in the simple things of life and be grateful.

While spring bulbs were all planted early fall, Winter is our time to finish planning for the following spring and summer.

We have a wonderful selection planned for the coming spring of Novelty Tulips, Daffodils (Narcissus), and a few surprises.

we are now taking reservations for spring shares.

Please visit the CSA page for information for spring 2021 shares. Individual bouquets will be available depending on current stock.

August Updates

Summer shares are winding down. Keeping busy on the farm, always so much to do here. Its looking like we won't have an fall share this year, although we are offering individual bouquets.

Please visit the CSA page for information on available individual bouquets .

July Updates

July 21, 2020

The hot summer sun has revealed the beautiful blooms of our sunflowers, dahlias and zinnas. We are in the midst of our summer shares with colorful blooms opening every day.

Please visit the CSA page for prices for our summer shares / bouquets.


Earlier Updates

June 10, 2020

We are now taking orders for our summer flower share. We look for it will begin in late July. We will post another update as the time gets closer.

Flowers likely included: Sunflowers and Dahlias.

To learn more about Flower Shares and CSAs please visit our CSA page.

April 30, 2020

We are now taking orders for our spring flower share.